We are a small business that operates out of commercial kitchens rented on a part-time basis. The pandemic has made it more challenging to secure kitchen time, and so we are not producing as frequently as usual. 

We are able to produce limited amounts for a set delivery schedule as outlined below. 

Please contact us to order.

Thanks for your understanding!

November and December Deliveries

We're ready to take your orders for November and December delivery!! Yay!!🎉💕

Please read through for details as things are quite different this year.

We are offering a limited selection of frozen, ready-to-bake pies for delivery on specific days depending on your location. Contact us to purchase





🥧Cherry (yes, sour cherry)



Delivery days (orders must be in and paid 4 days prior to your delivery day):

Nov 18 and Dec 10 - Okotoks/High River

Nov 21and Dec 13 - SE Calgary

Nov 24 and Dec 16 - NE Calgary

Nov 27 and Dec 19 - NW Calgary

Nov 30 and Dec 22 - SW Calgary

Pies are $22 each plus a $10 delivery fee. If you order 3 or more, deliver is free. Pies are frozen, ready-to-bake so stock up! Contact us to order soon as stock will be limited. 🙂

What our customers are saying

Your Blueberry Pie was Divine ....YUMMY😋

Thank you so much!

Heather J, Ottawa ON

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